What is the fencing like?


This facility has been designed for safety for you and your dog. With 6 ft fencing around the entire facility perimeter with the added bonus of smaller mesh fencing at the bottom 2ft to stop small dogs going through.

There is a main entrance gate into the carpark area and more fencing and gates into the meadows to ensure safety at change over times. All gates are padlocked for your safety and the safety of the facility. The boundary between the meadows is 6ft and different from the perimeter fencing where by it is a higher gauge thicker metal with small holes thus ensuring safety during socialisation. All gates have been heightened, lowered and covered in wire mesh for safety.

*We have done our best to ensure the meadows are as safe as possible however by booking with us you are accepting responsibility for you, your dogs and family and use it at your own risk.

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