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UPDATED 24th March 2020


Dear Customers, 

Since the beginning of the year we have been developing the site as per the original plan and vision I had when I embarked on this journey, also responding the needs of our customers. Through the private Facebook group Friends of Wild and Free Dog Meadows, we have become a community where our customers and their dogs are setting up and having play dates, their owners are also making good friends, supporting each other and their dogs on this crazy journey called life!

As a community we are putting the needs of all the dogs that visit the meadows as a priority as we understand that they visit us because they each have different challenges which in public spaces are class as socially inappropriate ranging from no recall, animal/car/joggers/cyclist /skateboard chasers, friendly but on lead grumpy, fearful of humans and fearful of other dogs (forgive us if we have missed any). We have all sorts of dogs visiting from the tiny to giant breeds, show dogs, rescue dogs of a huge assortment. 

As a behaviourist I wanted to create a space that suit everybody but without the isolation and aloneness that come from owning a challenging dog(s), I also wanted to create a space for people wanting to develop their dogs social skills, can do so safely and at a gentle pace and for those that don’t can gain support through the group and learn that they are not alone with other that have similar challenges. 

I also wanted to develop the site to contain enrichment and stimuli for dogs to start using their brains and senses, develop confidence through using their bodies and increase the bond between dog(s) and owner. It is not just an exercise field and it is worth noting that 15-20 minutes of calm mental stimulation that engages the senses and brain for problem solving is the equivalent to an hours walk and is far more beneficial to the wellbeing of all dogs. 

THE INFORMATION BELOW IS IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE VISITING, Booking with us means you agree to the terms listed, the code of conduct and to receive emails from us (we do not share your information with third parties) to view our Privacy Policy.

We apologise for the length however all listed are through problems we have encountered from customers and to ensure everyone’s, their dogs/children’s safety, the facilitating of safe and smooth operation and the long term future of the facility. Failure to adhere to will mean future bookings will be revoked.

It is important to add our email addresses to your contact list info@wildandfreedogmeadows.co.uk and bookings@wildandfreedogmeadows.co.uk . 
This is because you will receive an automated reminder email 6 hours before your session; this will contain the most recent gate code. We also need you to reply to this email to confirm receipt immediately after reading, with just the sentence ‘We have received and read all from ‘Your name’ this starts two way traffic so that your email provider does not think we are spamming you.

If you need to contact us please email info@wildandfreedogmeadows.co.uk or on our Facebook page, please be aware that this is not a 24/7 answering service, due to our other work and family commitments. Do not use our personal social media profiles as those messages will go unanswered but it also means with as a team answering we can keep continuity of care with each customer.

Directions to us can be found here: Click here for detailed directions. We are also registered on google maps and apple maps by our business name.

We also recommend that you CHECK TRAFFIC REPORTS particularly through the summer at weekends as traffic heading to Ringwood can be horrific and there are plenty of alternative routes, so your dog won’t be stuck in hot cars. Please travel with plenty of water and towels, as you can wet the towels and place on your dogs to cool down and stop heat stroke. Do not use ice as this constricts the capillaries and stops the cooling process.

Code of Conduct:

Please keep to the left hand side of the drive whilst unlocking the gate and park inside on the tarmac area within the field, Ensuring access to the adjacent field remains clear for our neighbours. When inside the field please lock the gate with the padlock and the chain so only people with the gate code can enter the field. We want to make sure your experience is safe.

Combined Meadows Booking

If another Customer is in the field please park and give space from the other vehicles in the car park, shut the gate and WAIT IN your car with your dog(s) out of sight so as not to distract the other customer and wait until the other user has safety got their dog(s) in the car before exiting your vehicle. On returning to your car, please exit swiftly and shut the gate so as not to impinge on the next Customer’s time.

Buttercup Agility or Daisy Maze Meadows Bookings

Please park in the Buttercup Agility Meadow allocated bays on the LEFT hand side OR Daisy Maze Meadow allocated bays on the RIGHT hand side (in front of the Leylandii), giving plenty of space to other vehicles in that area, for them to return safely to their vehicles if they are still occupying the Buttercup Agility Meadow. Shut the gate and WAIT IN your car with your dog(s) out of sight so as not to distract the other customer and wait until the other user has safety got their dog(s) in the car before exiting your vehicle. On returning to your car, please exit swiftly and shut the gate so as not to impinge on the next Customer’s time.

Dog(s) MUST be on lead in the car park area at all times to ensure safety on changeovers and to help things run smoothly. Even if your dog(s) is happy and social with people and dogs, those leaving the meadows may not be.

Please be aware of other Customers, Time and the safety of their dogs. Some of our visiting dogs have serious fears of other dogs and humans’, entering the field when they are loose, means you not only putting yourself at risk but ALSO endangering the dog and owners safety. You will be at fault if bitten and we the management accept no fault or responsibility and nor will the Owners and dog(s) in question.

 Your time starts from the minute you get your dog(s) out the car and finishes when you dog(s) is safely back in your vehicle, not when you are in the meadows.

Please clear up after your dog(s) goes to the toilet and put in the dog waste bin only, bagged please. There are no refuse facilities at Wild and Free Dog Meadows, so take your normal rubbish home. If you find the field in a mess, please let us know as we are keeping a note of who isn’t clearing up and failure to adhere to will mean future bookings will be revoked.

Seasons – We take the responsibility of care and safety of all our customers dogs seriously and as a priority, therefore we prefer that females in full heat do not come to the meadows. This is generally the middle part of the cycle for approximately 2 weeks, depending on the breed of the dog.

This is a No Smoking facility, due to the lack of consideration by smokers leaving cigarette butts which are highly poisonous to dogs; we have now banned them completely. Failure to adhere to will mean future bookings will be revoked.

Please be polite and considerate to our neighbours and their property. We have had reports to the contrary. Not only do they own the access but we love them and without them, none of this project would have happened. Anyone reported being rude to neighbours will be barred from use of the facilities.

We do not tolerate rude or abusive behaviour towards any staff member, we take this very seriously and future booking will be revoked.

Please do not touch tools and property in the field that is clearly not dog related. We cannot afford breakages and we do not accept responsibility for accidents or injury and the like.

Vehicles are parked at your own risk, as good practice – do not leave valuables on show. Although nothing has ever happened, we do not accept responsibility for loss or damage.

ENRICHMENT! Please enjoy the meadow and enrichment for the dogs, this is here for educational and entertainment purposes. Use of these facilities and any facilities provided in the field are at your own risk. We cannot and will not accept responsibility for accident or injury. We also advise that dog(s) under a year should not be using any equipment that is high jumping/impact as their joints and growth plates are still growing.

BALLS!!! Lots of our visiting dogs love toys and balls, however some of our visiting dogs do not cope with them and they pose a SERIOUS HEALTH RISK. We ask that ALL toys and balls are taken home or placed in the toy box by the car park, so owners can have a choice for their dog(s). Please also clear broken parts of toys and balls into the bin, as again some dogs will eat them and cause serious health problems.

HOLES/DIGGING!!! If your dog digs a hole, it is important that you fill in back in and compact the earth. These pose a safety risk for dogs and humans. If you see a hole from another CUSTOMER, please do fill in and compact the earth and let us know, so we can work out who it is or if we need to make good/check its safe.

CHILDREN!! We love children but no offence, not nearly as much as dogs 😉 We also understand many children visit our facility with their families and dogs which is lovely, however we would like to state that all enrichment is built for the pleasure of the dogs ONLY and in no way is child safe or friendly. We therefore ask you to supervise children carefully and use the facility with them at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for accident or injury. We also have had incidents of children defacing and vandalising equipment we have built for the dogs. Failure to adhere to will mean future bookings will be revoked.

Please also notify us of any damage to equipment, damage to fencing or potential problems within the field in order for us to rectify the problems as quickly as possible for the safety of other customers and their dogs.

TREATS!! We LOVE positive reinforcement training and are completely against all harsh and aversive training methods. A point we wish to make is that some dogs have allergies, so please do not leave any of your dog’s treats or food behind.


You will receive a reminder email 6 hours before your booking, please read carefully as this contains the gate codes which change regularly. *TOP TIP* the code should be entered on the side of the lock with the word Master on it.

• You can now reschedule your own appointments up till 48 hours before your sessions via the change button at the bottom of this email.

If you can’t make your session less than 48 hours and if you are on our social group on Facebook and wish to post and find a replacement for your session yourself, you are more than welcome and we accept no responsibility for this transaction.

We accept no responsibility and refuse refunds if you get lost. We have done everything we can to ensure you find us.

Lastly and importantly, please lock and leave as you found it and for the ease for the next customer (height of chain/lock). If for any reason you cannot lock it, you need to notify us immediately. By booking with us, you accept all terms and conditions listed and understand that the used of Wild and Free Dog Meadows is done purely at your own risk and that you will take good care of it, be respectful and kind to fellow customers.

Thanks for booking and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Natalie &

Wild and Free Dog Meadows Team x

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