What is Individual Hire and Private Hire?


This facility is designed to meet the needs of many people and their dogs. If your dog is not happy in the company of other people and dogs please book the both Meadows so you can enjoy the full facility without worry or disturbance.

If you book either Buttercup Agility Meadow OR Daisy Maze Meadow, you will have Individual Hire of a whole meadow however they maybe someone and their dog in the adjacent meadow.

If you book the Combined Meadows you will have Private Hire of both Buttercup Agility & Daisy Maze Meadows and receive the gate codes for the central gates to open up the space. You will need to read carefully the emails and code of conduct to ensure the safety for all our customers and their dogs. Failure to adhere to will mean future bookings will be revoked.

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We're not around right now. But we have answered a lot of questions on our FAQ page. If you can not find the information you can send us an email.

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