Updated 24th March 2020

In accordance of the government’s new guidelines Wild and Free Dog Meadows are taking the community spread of Corvid 19 seriously.

We are staying open for reactive and difficult dogs only. Please be aware that for some dogs it is a very delicate balance to keep them under the biting threshold and in this ever tense social situation that is occurring, with more people on the streets than usual, it is becoming harder to meet these dog’s needs.

If this is not the case for your dog(s) please kindly reschedule your bookings to a later date, these can be changed again should it be necessary and walk your dogs from home. I have removed the 48 hour notice period. Contact us if there are any problems.

If you are visiting, then be aware that this will be classed as your ONE form of exercise per day and keep journeys to a minimum.

We want to take responsibility for our part, therefore we ask that you do the following: 
If you are feeling unwell (even slightly) or returned from another country, DO NOT COME, reschedule your booking in accordance with the governments self isolating guidelines.

We ask that you take some responsibility and BEFORE entering please wash your hands, using hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipes or wear gloves, or dog bags over your hands before touching anything. 

Please use the disinfectant provided by us to spray surfaces you have touched i.e. gates, padlocks, chains, bin lid and taps.  Please dispose gloves/bags safely in bin provided.

Bring your own toys and make sure you take them home.

Please note we have changed the duration of your session, therefore please arrive later than normal and leave earlier than normal. If you have arrived early please head to Fordingbridge, take the slip road and either wait in the car park on the right (before the junction) or loop right under the fly over back on to the A338.

It has never been more important to WAIT IN YOUR CARS!!!! If anyone is still there, Give space, be patient.

GROUPS & SOCIALISATION From now we will be taking no more group bookings. If you have one booked please reschedule. In accordance to government guidelines no more than 2 people from different households should congregate, however they have to still remain 2 m apart. Please note this does not mean in the same enclosure.

If you are from the same household, you are permitted to come together, however please be very aware to disinfect anything children have touched and keep them off the apparatus please and we prefer that you book BOTH Meadows. We are stopping the virus transmitted on surfaces and if this is not managed correctly we will have to stop children coming. 

Please please be diligent!

Put your health first. Don’t take any unnecessary risk. Think about the vulnerable in our society and act where possible with compassion for them. Please look after yourselves and each other. 

If you have any concerns please contact us.

This is a fast changing situation and it is possible at some point I will have to revise this again. However I understand that for those of you with highly reactive dogs, that are unable to walk safely in public spaces we are providing an essential service to keep not only your dogs safe but the public safe.

I am as always trying to stay on top of the situation and am in touch with our Local MP and Local authorities.

Thank you for your cooperation

Kindest regards

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